Sam Golbach Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age, Weight & Career

Sam Golbach is a social media personality from the United States. After collaborating with a musician, Colby Brock, he gained notoriety on Vine’s former social media site.

Biography of Sam Golbach

Sam was born in Kansas, United States of America, on November 27, 1996. Cindy Golbach is his mother’s name, and Kirk Golbach is his father’s name. Throughout his online journey, his parents were quite supportive.

He was born and raised in the same household as his older sister and younger brother. Allison and Ben Golbach are his sister and brother, respectively. Aside from that, he is 24 years old and belongs to the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Sam Golbach, along with his friend and partner Colby Brock, attended Blue Valley High School. However, he hasn’t revealed anything regarding his future studies as of yet.

What is the Net Worth of Sam Golbach?

Golbach makes money as a blogger and content developer in his professional career. Through his shared account with Colby, he also deserves it. Additionally, official stuff is available for purchase on sites such as Fanjoy and ShopXLPR. He is predicted to have a net worth of $1.2 million as of 2021.

What is the Relationship of Sam Golbach?

Katrina Stuart, Sam Goldbach’s girlfriend, is now in a relationship with him. She is also a well-known internet personality who is known for her many cover songs. There is, however, no information about how or when the two of them met.

According to rumors, they started dating in 2016. However, the couple decided to make it public only in 2017 via a music video. They’re head over heels in love, and Sam has claimed that Katrina is an indispensable aspect of his existence. Aside from that, he has never married or given birth to any children

The career of Sam Golbach

Sam got his start in his career with the help of his good friend Colby. They started talking about the subject for their videos when they were quite young. The initial part of their video consisted of them pranking others and filming their reactions.

The two of them would then make trouble for others and upload it to their Vine account. Within a short period of time, their videos began to receive a large number of views, and they began to gather followers. Before the app’s sad closure, it had over one million Vine followers.

They then proceeded to upload their videos to YouTube. Prank videos were their primary source of content for the channel, and they gradually began to maintain blogs. They’re known for their witty antics and nasty sense of humor. The pair also launched ‘The Life Project,’ which attempts to encourage individuals to live healthier lives.