Ruth Porat

Who is Ruth Porat?

Ruth Porat is an American financial executive. She is Alphabet’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and was Morgan Stanley’s Executive Vice President and CFO from 2010 to 2015.

Early Life and of Ruth Porat

She was born in 1957, in Greater Manchester, England, in a Jewish household. When she was very young, her parents Dr. Dan and Frieda Porat relocated to Cambridge, Massachusetts together with Ruth. Ruth’s father worked as a research fellow in the Department of Physics at Harvard University. He then moved with his family to California, where he was at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory for 26 years.

Ruth Porat graduated from Stanford University and graduated with a Masters in Science from the London School of Economics. She has completed her MBA at Wharton College, University of Pennsylvania.

Salary and Net Worth of Ruth Porat

Its minimum salary is 650,000 dollars. The company’s CFO offered a payment of $5 million, $40 million, and $25 million worth of stock from Google. The overall valuation is about 70 million dollars. Following Safra Catz, she is the second-best paying female boss in the United States.

Ruth owns one of Palo Alto’s most expensive house for $30 million. It is a 3-bedroom house of colonial design on Cowper Street and a surface of 4.271 square feet. Designed for Lucie Stern (descendant of Levi Strauss) in 1932, it was sold for a million in 1978. It is a historic home. For decades no one lived there.

Personal Life of Ruth Porat

She is a member of the United States Treasury Borrowing Steering Group, the Board on International Affairs, and the Foreign Relations Council. She is currently a member of the Hutchins Center Advisory Council and the New York Economic Club Board of Trustees.

Ruth was helping Senator Hillary Clinton back in 2008, who was standing up for the presidential post. Ruth helped Hillary organize a fundraiser function in her New York flat.

Ruth Porat is married to Anthony Paduano, a law firm associate of Paduano&Weintraub. Since 1983, they have been married and have 3 children. She is now a survivor of breast cancer.

career of Ruth Porat

She began her career in Morgan Stanley in 1987, then quit in 1993 and returned to the same organization again in 1996. From 2003 to 2009, she served as Vice President of Investment Banking until she became a CFO. From 2006 to 2009, she also worked as Global Head of the Financial Institution Division. Ruth has been employed with Technology Investment Banks and Morgan Stanley in London. During the Internet Investment Banking era, Mary Meeker was her financial partner. Mary is now Ruth’s children’s godmother.

During the 2008 financial crisis in America, Ruth headed the Morgan Stanley squad. A film called Too Big to Fail was made on Ruth, who Jennifer van Dyck represented. Ruth Porat was once nominated by President Barack Obama as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury but refused the bid as the Morgan Stanley situation was strengthened. Ruth Porat entered Google as the latest CFO in May 2015.

The Quick Fact of Ruth Porat

  • Ruth Porat is a financial executive from America.
  • She is the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Alphabet and was the Executive Vice President and CFO of Morgan Stanley from 2010 to 2015.
  • She was born in the year 1957, in a Jewish family in Greater Manchester, England.
  • Ruth has led the Morgan Stanley team during a financial crisis in America in 2008.
  • She is a part of the Borrowing Advisory Committee of the United States Treasury, The Council on Foreign
  • The enterprising CFO got $5 million as a signing bonus, $40 million as stock awards, and $25 million worth of shares after joining Google.
  • Her net worth is close to $70 million.
  • She is the second-highest-paid female executive in the US after Safra Catz.
  • Ruth owns one of the most luxurious, $30 million houses in Palo Alto.
  • It is a 3-bedroom home in Cowper Street with colonial-style architecture and has a space of 4,271 square feet.
  • It is a historic home built in 1932 for Lucie Stern (descendant of Levi Strauss) and was sold for a million in 1978.