Rumena Begum Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age, Weight & Career

Rumena Begum is a content creator from Bangladesh. She is well-known for her YouTube cosmetic tutorials.

Early Life of Rumena Begum

Rumena was born in London, England, on April 25, 1992. Despite being a well-known figure, she has kept her parents’ identities a secret. When it comes to her siblings, she has six sisters who share her parents’ affection. She has a close relationship with her sisters, and the sisters are great friends.

She has not, however, divulged the names of her sisters to the general public. Aside from that, she is 29 years old and belongs to the Taurus zodiac sign.

Rumena Begum is a Bangladeshi nationality of British ethnicity. She has Bangladeshi ancestry because her parents are Bangladeshis. Sadly, she has not yet revealed the specifics of her religion.

When it comes to her education, she is a bright student who excelled in her studies. She received a 9/10 GSCE rating for her secondary studies. She continued her education at the University of Westminster, where she majored in law. She eventually lost interest in the subject and dropped out.

Net Worth of Rumena Begum

Rumena makes a living as a professional cosmetics artist. She has a successful cosmetology career and is also a well-known makeup artist. Currently, she has not given any information about her career earnings.

According to multiple websites, her net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Relationship of Rumena Begum

Begum is a happily married lady. She announced her marriage on June 1, 2021, on Instagram, where she showed numerous photos from her wedding. She and her husband are currently enjoying their married life, although she has not revealed anything about her husband’s identity.

She is grateful for her married life, however, and she enjoys sharing the greatest moments of her life with her admirers via social media. Aside from that, she is currently without children from her marriage.

The career of Rumena Begum

Rumena began her career as a cosmetics artist in the retail industry. She worked hard to make a fair living and studied beauty under the direction of Lubna Rafiq, a well-known makeup artist and the creator of the Lubna Rafiq firm. She subsequently began to share her cosmetic creations with the general world via her social media channels.

Following the public release of her work, she began to receive numerous requests from her fans. She eventually grew to fame, and more and more people became aware of her contributions.

On November 7, 2009, Rumena launched her YouTube channel. She now has over 263 thousand subscribers and her content has been seen over 19 million times. She has been an active YouTuber since August 27, 2014, when she submitted her first video. She enjoys doing a variety of makeup tutorials, including wedding and Desi makeup tutorials.

She also enjoys keeping in touch with her followers. She has also conducted numerous Q&A sessions with her admirers. She is extremely close with her followers and enjoys filming movies with her sisters. She also collaborates with a number of executive chefs, including Chef Nitesh, on recipes including Tandoori Sea Bass and Aero Cheesecake.

Rumena is also a popular figure on social media. On her official Instagram account (@rumena 101), she has over 471 thousand followers. She also enjoys sharing her regular updates with her followers. On her official Facebook profile (@rumena101), she has over 218 thousand followers. Her Twitter account (@Rumena 101) has over 6.4 thousand followers as well.