What is the Net Worth of Rickey Thompson? Age, Height, Zodiac Sign, Bio

Rickey Thompson is an American actor and social media star who rose to prominence on Instagram and Vine. He has 1.1 million subscribers on his own YouTube channel. Thompson has a total of 246 videos on the site, with over 52 million views.

Early Life of Rickey Thompson

Thompson was born on February 6, 1996, in North Carolina, United States. The 23-year-old YouTuber was born under the sign of Aquarius. At the moment, he has not revealed any information about his parents or siblings. He has, however, revealed that he comes from a very religious family. Despite this, his family is very caring and openly supported him when he came out as gay.

Thompson is of African-American ethnicity and of American nationality. He is currently residing in Los Angeles. Rickey stands at 6 feet tall. He also has dark brown eyes and black hair.

How much is Rickey Thompson Net Worth?

Thompson makes the majority of his money through his YouTube channel. According to SocialBlade, he earns $584 – $9.3K per month and $7K – $112.1K per year from his YouTube videos. He is well-known for his challenge videos, including “Whisper Challenge” and “Makeup Challenge.” In addition, he played Dakota Green in the web series “Foursome.”

He is also an actor, having appeared in the web series “Foursome” on YouTube. He also earns money from paid partnerships and brand endorsements on his social media accounts. His net worth is still being calculated in 2019.

Who is Rickey Thompson Dating Currently?

Rickey had a lot of female friends in high school. He was, however, never romantically attracted to them. As a result, he discovered he was gay. He took a long time to accept it because he was afraid of rejection from his friends and family. In 2015, he publicly announced his homosexuality on Twitter. Later, he posted a video to YouTube titled “I’M OUT AND PROUD!” in which he discussed his sexual orientation in detail.

In addition, he is currently single. His search for a boyfriend is still ongoing, and we hope he finds someone who adores him.