Rachelle Vinberg Biography, Net Worth 2022, Weight, Height & Career

Rachelle Vinberg is an American actress and skateboarder. Not to mention her role as Camille in Skate Kitchen, a fictional version of herself.

Early Life of Rachelle Vinberg

Rachelle Vinberg was born in 1998 on Long Island, NY. Her Colombian mother and American father divorced when she was little. Vinberg had two brothers, a younger and an older.

Toby Vinberg became a skater at the age of 12 after watching a relative skate and do tricks. Her cousin also bought her a skateboard, and she has been improving her skills ever since. Vinberg failed his first credit card attempt in 2012, at the age of 14.

Her dunk was recorded and posted to Thrasher’s Instagram account, Hall of Meat. The incident was also chalk drawn by Rachelle’s neighborhood pals with blood streaming from between Rachelle’s legs. “They were cool,” she said, despite their unfriendly behavior.

Vinberg has also defied gender norms by gaining abilities that go beyond what women can and cannot perform, such as skating and football. She learned to skate despite it being an unusual hobby. She, too, begged her father to let her play football. He was initially hesitant, but soon came around and supported her up.

Rachelle studied cinema at Brooklyn College, but no diploma was issued. She’d like to write for the big screen.

What is the Net Worth of Rachelle Vinberg?

Rachelle has only been in a few movies and TV shows. She must be making a good living from her acting career. Rachelle in That One Day (2016) and Camille in Skate Kitchen (2018). Skate Kitchen made $268,021 worldwide.

An actress’s yearly salary is roughly $90k. So she may be able to make ends meet. Her YouTube channel has over 659,758 views. According to Social Blade, she makes $15 to $243 annually. Her Instagram account has 294 thousand followers.

Every sponsored Instagram post earns her between $882.75 and $1,471.25. She must make around $100,000 every year. So, like Gwen Harrison, Rachelle Vinberg’s net worth is anticipated to reach $200,000 by 2021.

What is the Relationship of Rachelle Vinberg?

The 22-year-old actress keeps her personal life under wraps. She is currently spending it with pals and skating. Her acting career is also a priority.

In 2018, she dated one of his close pals, Toby, the Evening Standard said. They were dating and living in Brooklyn with a fellow cast member, Adams, when Skate Kitchen came out.

But Toby was studying. They were in a low-key relationship, and Rachelle seems to be keeping quiet about it. She stopped sharing images with Toby in 2021 and deleted old ones.

As a result, their separation is speculated. Because Vinberg hasn’t commented, the rumors and theories are false.

Career of Rachelle Vinberg

Winberg learned to swim from an older cousin when she was 12. Vinberg practiced tricks by watching YouTube footage and joined the local boys. Rachel kissed Nina Moran on YouTube and they met in New York.

Crystal Moselle met Vinberg and Moran in NYC. Moselle made “That One Day” with Vinberg, Moran, and a few pals, which was later expanded into “Skate Kitchen.”