Patricia Azarcoya Arce Biography, Net Worth 2022, Weight & Career

Patricia Azarcoya Arce is a Mexican actress and television producer. Her wedding to Rob Schneider, a well-known American comedian and actor, was well publicized and catapulted her to international stardom.

Early Life of Patricia Azarcoya Arce

Patricia Azarcoya Arce was born in the United States and is a Mexican-American. Although there are numerous speculations concerning her birthdate, it is a well-known fact that she was born around the mid-80s. Patricia Azarcoya claimed in one of her interviews that she hails from a low-income family, despite the fact that her family’s background is unclear.

There is no information available about her educational background in the public domain.

What si the Net Worth of Patricia Azarcoya Arce?

Patricia Azarcoya Arce’s net worth is estimated to be $1million as of 2021, thanks to her successful acting career.

What is the Relationship of Patricia Azarcoya Arce?

Patricia Azarcoya Arce has remarked that her life changed for the better once she married Rob Schneider. In the mid-2000s, she met Rob and the two started dating right away. After almost six years of dating, the couple married in April 2011 in Beverly Hills.

The wedding, which was held in private, was attended by only close friends and relatives. Patricia and Rob’s first child, Miranda Scarlett, was born in 2012. Their second daughter was born in 2016, and she celebrated her first birthday in September 2017.

Career of Patricia Azarcoya Arce

Patricia Azarcoya Arce started her modeling career in Mexico and worked her way up to become a television and film actor. Before relocating to the United States in search of better professional opportunities, she worked as a producer on a number of Mexican films and television shows.

In the mid-2000s, Patricia Azarcoya Arce traveled to America and met Rob while filming one of the TV episodes in which he was also a cast member.
Rob, his wife Patricia, and their daughter Miranda starred in the Netflix series “Real Rob,” which launched in 2015. Patricia contributed to the show as a co-writer and co-producer.

In addition to acting in the film, she worked as a casting director. Her comedic timing wowed the crowd to the extent where she outperformed Rob in terms of popularity while performing her role. Despite the season’s modest success, there was still some doubt about whether Netflix would consider renewing the show for a second season.

The show’s poor critical reception was the source of such accusations. Fans, on the other side, expressed their want to see the show’s second season via various social media posts. In September 2017, the second season premiered.

This time around, the critics were far tougher. It’s unclear whether the show will be renewed for a third season. Despite its poor ratings, Patricia developed a loyal following as a result of the show’s financial success.