What is the Age of Nina Alu? Height, Net Worth 2021, Husband, Biography

Nina Alu is the wife of James Newell Osterberg Jr., a well-known musician (professionally Known as Iggy Pop). To be honest, she is Iggy’s third wife; they dated for eight years before marrying.

What is the Estimated Net Worth of Nina Alu?

Nina Alu, Iggy Pop’s wife, has a net worth of $20 million as of 2020. Although her professional background is unknown, she is regarded as ‘one of the 60 richest actresses in 2020’ based on her husband’s earnings.

In fact, Nina’s husband has amassed billions of fans through his music and stage performances. She is undoubtedly living the high life with the punk godfather at their mansion in South Florida, USA.

What is Nina Alu’s Relationship with Rockstar ‘Iggy Pop’?

The Superstar Iggy Pop told Nina Alu an exciting story. He stated that he first met his wife in 1999. She was an air stewardess at the time, and he was married to his second wife, Suchi Asano.

The singer had a crush on Nina ever since he saw her. But what worried him was that Alu was 22 years younger than him. However, the stewardess fell in love with him as well.

One year later, the 50-year-old moved into Pop’s mansion with him. Since they began living together, they have been seen at numerous parties and events.

When did Nina Alu tie the knot?

After eight years of relationship, the couple finally decided to get married. Similarly, on November 22, 2008, they exchanged wedding vows. The lovey-dovey couple did not have any children. They had a healthy relationship since the day they met.

As a result, there is no indication that the couple will split up.

How did Nina Alu Become Famous?

Nina Alu is best known for her relationship with the “Godfather of Punk,” Iggy Pop.