Natasha Aughey Biography, Net Worth 2022, Age, Weight, Height & Career

Natasha Aughey is a popular Canadian fitness model and social media celebrity. She is also a bodybuilder, YouTuber, personal trainer, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

Early Life of Natasha Aughey

Natasha Aughey was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 18, 1993. With her sister and split parents in Canada, she grew up to be an Instagram star. Seit she started going to the gym as a hobby in high school, Natasha Aughey has become an Instagram celebrity and a Canadian super star!

Since she was a youngster with a gym obsession, she has been featured in fitness magazines, competitions, and on social media. Natasha Aughey grew up in Ottawa. Natasha wished she could be outside kicking a soccer ball with her sister and friends instead of playing with dolls.

Workouts became a passion for her throughout high school. Natasha started with a fun cardio routine and added strength training afterwards. Natasha Aughey chose a career as a fitness trainer over a college education.

To complement her social media revenue with fitness clients, Natasha Aughey earned her CanFitPro Certified Level 1 Trainer certification after high school. Her instructors helped her make informed selections about weights, fitness, and weight when she first began lifting. Her dream body came quickly. Natasha Aughey was a gym star.

Her friends never failed to encourage her. Natasha became an overnight sensation after they suggested she post her fitness goals on social media.

Natasha Aughey started using Instagram in 2011. Natasha has over 1 million Instagram followers and over 1800 photos. Her YouTube account includes videos on anything from workouts to pumpkin carving. Natasha Aughey enjoys her admirers and feeds them regularly.

Her YouTube account began on September 21, 2015. Her most famous video is “Natasha Aughey – Leg Day,” from June 2017. Natasha Aughey placed sixth in the 2013 OPA Ottawa Championships.

Natasha Aughey currently has supporters as far as France. Louis-Philippe Jean, Jenaya Hofer, and Sharon Bruneau (all Canadians) are among the fitness gurus who have noted this trend.

What is the Net Worth of Natasha Aughe?

Looking into her dating and affairs, we realized she hasn’t married yet. Aughey appears to keep her personal life private and avoids discussing it publicly. Aside from that, she didn’t post any love photos.

With her career and relationship, she may be busy. her health and body mechanics over relationships. Discover more about renowned fitness enthusiast Jeff Nippard.

Maybe she’ll reveal more about herself soon. While you’re waiting, keep checking back with us for updates. To learn more about her net worth and other subjects, keep reading.

Career of Natasha Aughey

In spite of her lack of competition experience, Natasha Aughey takes part whenever she can. At the age of 20, she competed in the Figure and Tall categories at the 2013 OPA Ottawa Championships. She finished sixth.

A third place finisher in her division in 2015’s Evogen Nutrition competition at the Toronto Super Show.