Naomi Kay Fleming Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Weight & Career

Naomi Kay Fleming is best known for being Shaun King’s mother. Shaun King hails from the United States and is a well-known writer, civil rights activist, and co-founder of the Real Justice PAC.

The early life of Naomi Kay Fleming

The exact date of Naomi Kay Fleming’s birth is unknown. She was, however, born in the year 1958. She is a woman in her sixties.

Naomi is of mixed nationality and is a citizen of the United States. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She was also born in the United States, in Kentucky, and is a devout Christian.

Naomi has a good academic background, having completed high school. Jason graduated from Woodford County High School and went on to Center College to study Physics. He then went on to Asbury Theological Seminary, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education and Youth Ministry in 2002.

What is the Net Worth of Naomi Kay Fleming?

Naomi’s net worth must be in the millions of dollars (USD). Her assets and source of income, however, are unknown at this moment. On the other side, his boys are now there to help Naomi and her family.

What is the Relationship of Naomi Kay Fleming?

Naomi’s ex-husband, Jeffrey Wayne, was the man she married after dating for a long time. Naomi never talked about her husband or any private relationships on the internet. She, too, is the mother of children.

Three of her children are Shaun King, Jason King, and Russ King. Her first son’s name is William, and he was born on February 25, 1974. William died in 2018.

He was 44 years old at the time of his death. William was born in the town of Versailles, Kentucky. He married Kari (Sophie) Anderson, whom he met on his way to Indianapolis to be a youth pastor. Elana and Josiah King are his two children with her.

How many children does Naomi Kay Fleming have?

Naomi King’s renowned son, Shaun King, was born in 1979. Rai King’s husband is her middle son, and the two have four children together. Their names are Ttaeyonna, Kendi, Savannah, and Ezekiel King.

When it comes to Naomi’s third and youngest sibling, there isn’t a lot of information accessible.

The career of Naomi Kay Fleming

Jeffery Shaun King, a prominent writer, civil rights activist, and co-founder of Real Justice PAC, had a celebrity mother named Naomi. Shaun King, her middle son, rose to fame as a result of his achievements. Naomi Kay Fleming previously worked as a light bulb factory employee.

Naomi Kay King was a single mother who had a difficult time raising King and his brother. Singing, reading, and, most importantly, spending time with her amazing family are some of Naomi’s favorite activities.