Lucie Zolcerova Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age, Weight & Career

Lucie Zolcerova is a famous American wife. She is the wife of Michael Grimm, a well-known American singer and songwriter. Lucie’s husband Michael is also the winner of America’s Got Talent’s fifth season.

Biography of Lucie Zolcerova

Zolcerova is a reserved individual who prefers to keep her personal life private. There isn’t a lot of information on her childhood, parents, education, or siblings available to the public. Her exact birthdate is also known to us. We’ll update our website as soon as she exposes it.


In 1998, Zolcerova starred in the Academy Award-winning film Titanic. She was, however, not the major character. On board the Titanic, she played a kissing woman. She is also an author, having published her book “My Journey Home” in 2012. Her journey is chronicled in the book.


Relationship of Lucie Zolcerova

Lucie Zolcerova married Michael Grimm, the fifth season winner of “America’s Got Talent,” in 2011. Michael was born in Fort Carson, Colorado, on December 30, 1978. Both of them had known one other for a long time. And they simply enjoy being in each other’s presence. You might also be interested in learning more about other American singers like Christina Aguilera and Jess Conte.


On September 16, 2010, Michael proposed to Lucie on the popular show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Later, at the Makena Beach & Golf Resort in Hawaii, the pair married in a secret ceremony attended by 30 family members. They are blissfully married, and there have been no rumors about their breakup until now.


Net Worth of Lucie Zolcerova

There is no precise information about Lucie Zolcerova’s net worth. She has yet to disclose her earnings and income to the general public. Her husband, Michael Grimm, on the other hand, is a multimillionaire. As of 2021, Michael Grimm’s net worth is predicted to be at $5 million. Furthermore, his earnings are steadily increasing as a result of his job in the music industry.

Michael Grmm is a mеrсаn singer who rose to fame after winning America’s Got Talent. He received $1 million as the prize money from the show, which contributed to his net worth being large. He also used his prize money to buy a new home for his grandparents. Furthermore, because he is constantly committed in his musical profession, his monthly income is increasing.