Kimberly Woodruff Biography, Net Worth 2022, Weight, Height & Career

Kimberly Woodruff is a talented businesswoman from the United States. She is also the wife of a celebrity. She rose to prominence after marrying O’Shea Jackson, a well-known actor and rapper.

Early Life of Kimberly Woodruff

Kimberly Woodruff was born on September 23, 1970, in California, United States. Her zodiac sign at the time of her age was Virgo, and she is now 50 years old. Her mother and father have remained in Los Angeles with her.

However, when it comes to her personal life, she has been silent till now, and no information about her family background is available. Her parents, on the other hand, own a clothes store on the outskirts of Los Angeles. She also attended a preparatory school for her primary education.

She then attends the Phoenix Institute of Technology to take some professional courses.

What is the Net Worth of Kimberly Woodruff?

She is the Ice Cube’s wife, as we are all aware. As a result, we can safely assume that she is living a lavish lifestyle. But how much money does she have, and what is her net worth?

How much money does she make? As far as we can tell, she makes the majority of her money from her business. In terms of her earnings and net worth, there is no information available on her earnings and net worth.

Kimberly has remained tight-lipped about her wages and financial situation. As a result, finding information on her wages is difficult. Apart from that, we know her husband’s net worth.

Ice cube has a net worth of $160 million as of 2021, which is comparable to that of popular TV personality Steve Harvey. As a result of his wealth, he may be spending her money on her extravagant desires. Meanwhile, the pair is residing in a $7.25 million estate in Marina Del Ray, California.

What is the Relationship of Kimberly Woodruff?

Kimberly and O’Shea’s connection is well-known. As a result, we’ll tell you a little bit about their romantic lives. O’Shea, as Ice Cube, initially met Kimberly in 1988.

Kimberly was in a relationship with another man at the time, whereas Ice had already given her her heart at first sight. “The first thing he had in his head when he met Woodruff for the first time was, ‘Wow, she would be you wife,” says Ice.

They eventually fell in love with one other and began dating, and they married in 1991. On April 26, 1992, they officially married after a year of engagement. The couple has been together for about 29 years now.

Similarly, there are no rumors or suspicions about her marriage or separation. Deja, Karima, Shareef, Darell Jackson, and O-Shea Jackson Jr. are the couple’s five children. Kimberly and her family are currently living a happy and quiet life.

What is the Kids of Kimberly Woodruff?

According to her husband and children, Kimberly has succeeded in being a wonderful mother. Meanwhile, on February 24, 1991, she gave birth to her oldest child, O’Shea Jackson Jr. He has followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in music and film. As a result, his father produced his first film, Straight Outta Compton.

Darell Jackson, Woodruff’s second son, was born on December 29, 1992. Similarly, he goes by the moniker Doughboy and is a rapper like his father. He also starred in the film Boyz n the Hood. Kareema Jackson, her oldest daughter, was born on February 17, 1994, Shareef Jackson, her son, on November 17, 1995, and Deja Jackson, her late daughter, in 1993.