How much is Keaton Hoskins Net Worth? Age, Height, Wife, Tattoo, Wiki

If you’re a Diesel Brothers fan, Keaton Hopkins, also known as “The Muscle,” is well-known. He is a member of the Diesel Brother cast on Discovery. He is one of the loved ones among the four brothers on the show.

Early Life of Keaton Hoskins

Kaysville, Utah is the birthplace of Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins. On the 5th of September, he will celebrate his birthday. He’s in his mid-forties. In October of 2008, he experienced the death of his father. Bernice Hoskin is his mother’s surname. Tonga, his brother, and his sister are his siblings. He attributes his interest, love, and knowledge of diesel cars to his family.

Keaton was a big football fan who played in high school at Davis High School. When he was younger, he worked in a few garages to learn more about diesel cars.

How much is Keaton Hoskins Net Worth?

Before joining the Diesel Brothers, Keaton worked as a fitness instructor. He is critical to the realization of the Diesel Brothers’ vision and ideology. Keaton has a net worth of $700,000 dollars. His reported salary per episode is $20,000 USD.

Who is Keaton Hoskins Ex-Wife?

Keaton previously had a married life with his ex-wife, Jenny Hoskins. When Keaton and his ex-wife were young, they married. Despite having two daughters, they divorced. Keaton Hoskins and his wife, as well as their two daughters

Keaton and Jenny, unlike many divorced couples, have no resentment and collaborate to raise their daughters. Though fans perceive Keaton as a massive man with a hard body, he is gentle with his daughter. As a devoted father, he frequently shares photos of his daughter on Instagram with touching captions.

Who is Keaton Hoskins Dating Currently?

Keaton appears to be over his previous divorce. He is allegedly dating Maime Reeder, despite the fact that he has not officially confirmed his new relationship status. In May 2019, he shared a photo of himself with Maime and thanked her for making him happy.

Muscle appears content with his girlfriend, Maime. However, neither of them has publicly declared their relationship for one another.