Joe Weller Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Weight, Height & Career

Joe Weller is a popular YouTuber in the United Kingdom who is known for his vlogs, commentary, and challenges.

Early Life of Joe Weller

Joe was born on March 2, 1996, in Brighton, England, and raised there. He is British by nationality, White Caucasian by ethnicity, and Christian by religion. Joe’s astrological sign is Pisces.

“The Buxton Army” refers to Joe Weller’s fans. Joe is a great football lover and a Chelsea supporter, in addition to being a Youtuber. He is also passionate about music, and his favorite genre is deep house.

He also enjoys boxing and has challenged many artists to fight in a series of films. He received his primary education at the local school in his neighborhood. He studied Film Making and Media Studies at university and graduated in 2019.

He was bullied and tormented as a child because his ears were somewhat unusual and he was overweight. He was a good football player who was cut from the team when his weight increased.

He overcame the bullying, though, and began his YouTube career at an early age, completely changing his life. Joe continues to oppose all forms of bullying and hopes that those who perpetrate it are made aware of the negative impact it has on victims’ lives.

Net Worth of Joe Weller

Joe Weller’s income is derived from his work as a YouTuber, career, and social media celebrity. He also has his own clothing line, so he makes money from YouTube, his brand, and the sponsorship he receives from his Instagram account.

Relationship of Joe Weller

Joe Weller is now single and not in a relationship, as he has not given any details about his recent love life. He has already admitted to dating Kate Hutchins and having her appear in videos such as “Copper Box Arena.”

They did, however, divorce in 2016. In 2017, Joe dated Saffron Barker, with whom he eventually parted up. Joe is not married and does not have any children at this time.

The career of Joe Weller

Joe Weller is a YouTuber who makes content such as vlogs, challenges, and commentary, as well as being a musician and a social media presence. He began making films when he was in high school, and his first video was titled “How to Be a Fighterman.”

Later, he became interested in filmmaking and produced “The Jacket,” a short film about teleportation and cloning. He discovered YouTube as a hobby as he grew older and began uploading videos in 2012. “New Channel- Tutorial and Torres” was the first video he posted.

He rose to stardom after uploading a video called “How to be KSI,” which helped him get 4K followers despite numerous negative comments. He grew in popularity over time, and after graduating from college, he worked full-time on YouTube since filming videos made him happy.

He became acquainted with The Sideman after becoming a YouTuber and then cooperated with KSI on several videos. One of the notable movies that Joe and KSI screened at the Copper Box Arena in February 2018 was “BRUTAL FIFA: Weller Vs. KSI.”

It’s a wrestling match that was live-streamed and viewed by over 3 million people around the world.