Jeanne O’Neil Grier Biography, Net Worth 2022 Weight, Height & Career

Jeanne O’Neil Grier, the wife of famed quarterback Will Grier, is an American homemaker who used to be a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The social media sensation is a mother of three and is currently juggling her responsibilities as a wife and mother.

Biography of Jeanne O’Neil Grier

Born on February 21st, 1994, O’ Neil is the daughter of Kevin O’Neil and Reen O’ Neil. She is of white ethnicity and is an American. Jeanne O’ Niel Grier has not revealed any additional details about her childhood, however it is well known that she has the middle name Marie.

Marie was raised in a loving and happy home, and she had all she needed as a child. Her parents were often referred to as her heroes. She attended Tampa Catholic High School as a scholar. She was a cheerleader who was just involved in cheerleading there.

Jeanne O’Neil went on to the University of Florida for her collegiate studies, finally earning a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications and journalism. She was a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throughout her time at the university. After three seasons as a National Football League cheerleader, she announced her retirement.

Jeanne O’ Niel Grier opted to pursue a career in dance after opting out of cheering at the age of 21. So, to improve her talents, she enrolled in dance classes at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Following several months of effort, she attained proficiency and graced several platforms performing skillfully.

Jeanne is claimed to be very skilled with her dance moves, despite the fact that her dancing career is not fully documented. Jeanne is sometimes referred to as a new generational parent since, aside from her dancing career, she has an eye for beautiful things.

Fashion, travel, health, family, and the rest of them all pique her attention. On her blog, O’Neil has demonstrated how important life issues are to her.

What is the Net Worth of Jeanne O’Neil Grier?

Jeanne is said to be worth $200k and lives a luxury lifestyle with her husband and kids. She also used to be a National Football League cheerleader (NFL). In addition, after completing dance classes, she worked as a professional dancer.

In July 2020, the couple celebrated their anniversary in an unusual place. In addition, the Grier family has a property in Maimi and a fleet of luxury cars. Adding to their wealth, Will Grier, like Elisha Henig, is worth a whopping 3 million dollars as of 2021.

The American athlete has landed multi-million dollar endorsement deals and promotes a variety of brands. As they announced on social media, they recently purchased a house for their children. Will and his family also spent a lavish holiday on the beach of Indian Shores.

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What is the Relationship of Jeanne O’Neil Grier?

In their university days in Florida, the internet’s favorite pair met. In 2014, the sports star and model fell in love and began dating. Will was a college athlete, and Jeanne was a popular cheerleader, just like in American teen movies.

On July 26, 2016, they married after a two-year courtship. Their wedding ceremony was a private affair attended only by family and friends. Following their marriage, the couple relocated in Morgantown, West Virginia’s suburbs.

According to reports, Jeanne was already expecting her first child. As a result, on November 9th, 2016, the Griers were blessed with Eloise Marie Grier after three months of waiting. On the 28th of January, 2020, she gave mother to another daughter, Adeline James Grier.