Jaythan Bosch Biography, Net Worth 2022, Age, Weight, Height & Career

Jaythan Bosch is a Downey Christian School point guard who rose to attention after competing against popular basketball standout Julian Newman at the 2017 NEO Camp.

Early Life of Jaythan Bosch

Jaynath was born on April 6, 2003, in Manchester, New Hampshire, and will turn 18 in 2021. Bosch is of white ethnicity and of American nationality. He attended Daytona State University and Downey Christian School.

Unfortunately, no information about her parents or siblings is available.

What is the Net Worth of Jaythan Bosch?

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What is the Relationship of Jaythan Bosch?

Jaythan Bosch is currently without a partner. He is not in a relationship right now. Payton, on the other hand, has never had a boyfriend or girlfriend.

He is most likely single because there is no evidence of his having affairs. Even if he did, this athlete would rather keep it hidden from the media. In addition, Bosch has never married.

He is simply a teenager who, like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Shaquille O’Neal, and others, desires to be the best player in the game.

What is the Body Dimensions of Jaythan Bosch?

Jaythan Bosch is 6 feet 1 inch tall as of July 2020, and he is constantly growing. He’s roughly 175 pounds.

Career of Jaythan Bosch

Jaythan Bosch is a Downey Christian School point guard who gained notoriety after battling against Julian Newman, a notable basketball player, at the 2017 NEO Camp.

Jaythan Bosch is a well-known basketballer. After challenging nationally famous player Julian Newman to a grueling basketball match, this young athlete soared to popularity. With the CP25 basketball club, he is currently a point guard and shooting guard.