How tall is J’aaliyah So Cool? Age, Net Worth 2021, Parents, Siblings, Bio

J’aaliyah So Cool rose to fame as a celebrity’s family member. She is one of the daughters of Instagram and YouTube sensation ‘Royalty Johnson.’ Furthermore, she rose to prominence through her YouTube channel, “So Cool Kids.” J’aaliyah, J’aaliyah’s mother, is also on the verge of becoming famous.

She began making videos with her siblings. And she frequently appears in videos with her mother’s boyfriend, CJ So Cool. She is constantly surrounded by fame as a result of her appearances in videos.

Early Life of J’aaliyah So Cool

J’Aaliyah was born in the United States in 2007. Her birthday is on June 11th, so she is 12 years old. Furthermore, she was born to Charlene Young, also known as ‘Royalty Johnson.’ There is no information about her biological father. She also has two siblings, Karnation and Leonidas.

Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Furthermore, she is acquainted with Camari So Cool, the daughter of her mother’s boyfriend. She is an American national of black nationality. Since August 2017, the young girl has been living in a large rented house in Las Vegas, Nevada with her family members.

J’aaliyah is a student in elementary school. In her spare time, she enjoys filming videos with her siblings.

How much is J’aaliyah So Cool Net Worth?

J’aaliyah’s mother is popularly known as Royalty Johnson. Charlene Young is her given name. She first came to public attention when she began to appear in videos posted on her boyfriend’s YouTube channel, “CJ So Cool.” She and her boyfriend created a reaction video titled “Best of KingBach Vine Complication Reaction.”

J’aaliyah is living a comfortable life thanks to her mother’s income. Johnson earns a lot of money as her mother from her career as a sensational social media star and her Instagram account. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million. She is also very active on the social platform Instagram. She has 1.7 million Instagram followers as royalty-24kt.

Who is J’aaliyah So Cool Dating Currently?

J’aaliyah, on the other hand, is twelve years old and has no relationship history. Perhaps she has a crush on someone but hasn’t confronted the media about it. And her mother, Royalty, is in a long-term relationship with CJ So Cool

She has been dating CJ So Cool since 2012. Cordero James Brady is CJ So Cool’s real birth name. He is a YouTuber and prankster. She has appeared in a few of his videos.

She has three children from her previous husband, one of whom is J’aaliyah, and after their relationship, they have a daughter named Camari So Cool. The couple has decided to strengthen their love by marrying soon. I hope the couple gets married happily soon and enjoys their lives with their children.

J’aaliyah’s Height & Physical Characteristics

Cool has a slim build, black hair, and dark brown eyes. Given her age, she will be 12 this year. She’s getting older. So far, there is no precise information about her height and weight. Nonetheless, based on the portraits, it is possible to conclude that she is of average height and weight for her age.