Heidi Lenhart

Who is Heidi Lenhart?

Heidi is best known for her role as Jennifer ( Jenny ) Garrison on the teen NBC sitcom California Dreams.” She is the stepdaughter of Haim Saban, co-founder of Saban Entertainment, and the daughter of writer/ex-playboy model Cheryl Saban and California Deejay, Bobby Ocean (disc jockey Ray Lenhart). Tifanie Lenhart Chaney, Tanya Saban, and Ness Saban are Lenhart’s three siblings. Despite the fact that she only appeared in one season of California Dreams, she was given the opportunity to travel to Paris for six months to study with an American acting coach. She was 19 when she returned, got a new agent, and took on a slew of roles in television and small independent films for the sake of experience.

Personal Life of Heidi Lenhart

Heidi married actor Robin Dunne in 2001 after meeting in 2001. This couple married in April 2002 and divorced in 2005, two years after their wedding. The stress of living in Hollywood is said to be the cause of their divorce. After dating for a year, she married musician and actor Christopher (Chris) Stills in 2006, and they have two children. Except for these two men, her name is not associated with anyone else.

Heidi began dating Christopher after divorcing her first husband, Robin Dunne, in 2005.

Christopher (Chris) Stills is a musician and actor from the United States. They dated for a year before getting married in 2006.

Robin Dunne’s First Marriage

Heidi Lenhart married Canadian actor Robin Dunne in 2002 after a year of dating. Their relationship, however, did not last long, and they divorced in 2005. The reason for their divorce has not been confirmed, but it is said to be the pressures of living in Hollywood.