Heather Deforest Crosby Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age & Career

Heather Deforest Crosby is a well-known American entrepreneur. Heather Deforest Crosby has had many jobs at various firms over the years.

Early Life of Heather Deforest Crosby

Heather Deforest Crosby is an American actress that was born in the year 1967. As of 2022, she will be 55. Henry Ashton Crosby Jr. is her father’s surname, and Virginia Duel Crosby is her mother’s surname.

Her father was a language instructor, and her mother worked as a director in a business setting. She is of American nationality and follows the Christian faith. She is also of Caucasian ethnicity.

In terms of formal education, she attended a local school in her hometown and completed her education there. She also attended Hobart and William Smith Colleges for her post-secondary education. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art history from that institution.


What is the Net Worth of Heather Deforest Crosby?

Heather, Steven’s ex-wife, is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist who previously worked for Launch Media in New York as a senior vice president for corporate communications. In reality, it’s a music, music information, and news website on the internet.

Working in Launch Media must have paid her well. She is a businessman who runs the AZIAM Yoga brand, which distributes yoga-related products and apparel. She must have also inherited a percentage of Steven’s financial worth in the form of child support and a divorce settlement.

Heather DeForest Crosby’s net worth is therefore estimated to be in the millions of dollars. Her ex-husband, Steven Mnuchin, has a fortune of $400 million as of 2021, in addition to her earnings and wealth. As an investment banker and film producer, he then earns this incredible sum of money.

What is the Relationship of Heather Deforest Crosby?

In the year 2021, the 53-year-old celebrity wife is a widow. She preferred to live a low-key existence away from the media and the paparazzi after her separation from Steven. In addition, in 1999, the couple married. Similarly, their wedding was held in secret amongst their closest friends and family members.

Furthermore, in Cipriani Wall Street in New York, Cantor Ronald Broden completed the duplet’s wedding. Heather married Steven for the first time, whereas Steven married Heather for the second time. Sadly, after 15 years of marriage, the couple split up. In the summer of 2014, they were legally divorced.

Career of Heather Deforest Crosby

Heather Droforest is an accomplished American businesswoman and entrepreneur. She began her journey as an office assistant after graduating from Bobby Zarrem Inc. She has also held positions as an investment banker and a managing director of trade.

There, she worked for Goldman Sachs and sold municipal and mortgage bonds. She has a profitable yoga clothing line in addition to her other ventures. While on the board of directors of the Joyful Heart Foundation, the fitness-conscious figure has served.

She’s also the Vice President of Communication at Launch Media, which she joined later in her career. Launch Media was a music and news website that specialized in the internet. Her previous marriage with Steven Mnunchins also helped her gain notoriety.

Steven served as the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States for a number of years. In February 2017, then-President Donald Trump personally appointed him to the position. Steven has also served on the Yale Development Board and as the director of City Harvest.