Who are the Parents of Davieanna Marlena Blake? Age, Height, Net Worth

Davieanna Marlena Blake rose to prominence as a result of her celebrity parents. She is the daughter of DJ Quik, a legendary West Coast Hip-Hop singer and rapper. The celebrity kid is well-known for his involvement in first-degree murder in the deaths of his boyfriend Darnell Moses Alvarez and his 2-year-old son.

Early Life of Davieanna Marlena Blake

Davieanna Quik was born in 1992 to DJ Quik and his ex-wife. Davieanna’s stepmother is Alicia Hill. Her father is a well-known hip-hop artist, rapper, MC, actor, and record producer.

DJ Quik has a $3 million dollar net worth. She is of African American ethnicity and has American nationality. Surprisingly, despite her actions, she is still linked to her father.

Who is Davieanna Marlena Blake’s boyfriend?

In the 2000s, Davieanna Marlena Blake dated the love of her life, Darnell Moses Alvarez. After a brief romance, they gave birth to a son, Blake Alvarez, in 2011. Unlike others, Davieanna and Darnell went through a difficult period in their lives where she felt compelled to take the lives of her loved ones.

Her 2-year-old son was discovered dead near her apartment complex. Davieanna has spent her entire life in prison since then.

Was Davieanna Marlena Blake was charged with first-degree murder?

Ms. Blake was charged with first-degree murder for allegedly murdering her two-year-old son Blake and her boyfriend Darnell Moses Alvarez. Miss. Blake, 21, and Darnell Moses Alvarez, 24, were arrested on June 11, 2013, after they were discovered standing next to their child’s body.

Witnesses reported hearing Alvarez punishing the child for wetting himself or the bed. The outsider also stated that he heard the baby boy being spanked. Davieanna’s son Blake was discovered with multiple bruises on his arms, legs, buttocks, back, and face during the police investigation.

DJ Quik’s daughter told cops that she and her boyfriend had argued earlier in the day, and when the child awoke, they discovered he had wet the bed overnight. Alvarez allegedly struck the child with a leather belt, and Blake did not intervene for fear of further enraging Alvarez. Davieanna stated that when she returned home from work, her son was drowsy and had stopped breathing, while the two argued about taking their son to the hospital.

Blake, Davieanna Marlena’s son, died.

Blake had a lacerated liver, severe internal bleeding, and extensive bruising throughout his body. Both parents were arrested on suspicion of child abuse and first-degree murder, and their bonds were set at $500,000 and $250,000, respectively. Their most recent court appearance was on May 13, 2013.