Biography of Golshifteh Farahani’s Ex-Husband Christos Dorje Walker

Christos Dorje Walker is an Australian somatic psychotherapist, Qi Gong practitioner, meditation teacher, and a former Buddhist monk.

Christos Dorje Walker was born on 28th November in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia under the birth sign Sagittarius. Every year, Christos celebrates his birthday on 28th November. Walker holds an Australian nationality while he belongs to a white ethnical background.


He began his career in the late teens looking locally in his home town the Gold Coast. There he found a psychologist who was teaching meditation. She directed Christos to start learning Qi Gong from a Chinese Master who had just moved there from China and spent about 3 years learning from teachers. After that, he found local to where he lived until he decided to head overseas. Later he decided that he needed to travel with one intention, to find a Master.

Christos Dorje Walker
Caption: Christos Dorje Walker

Someone who had perfected the practice of meditation and could straighten him out a bit, show him a better path in life. At the age of 22, he found himself living as an ordained Buddhist monk practicing a tradition of Tibetan Buddhism living with a very old and wise Buddhist Master, this is where he picked up the name Dorje.

This ordained stint lasted about 5 years where he realized that he was not really monk material so he returned home to Australia and studied various forms of bodywork. Eventually, he went on to study Somatic Psychotherapy, which is a therapy that looks at the body and the mind. He thought it quite helpful since humans have both a body and a mind.

So perhaps initially driven in his teens by looking for an answer to chronic fatigue syndrome and overwhelmed by the punishing roller coaster ride of anxiety and depression. He started to seek guidance and advice from people who seemed to have more wisdom and insight than he did at the time.

One thing leads to another and this has now grown into a 20-year journey that has seen him through some of the most beautiful and hidden parts of the modern and ancient Asian geographical and cultural landscape.

Christos Dorje Walker’s studying different traditions

Many people know countries like India, Bhutan, Tibet, Mongolia, China, Nepal, Thailand all hold such ancient traditions of meditation that yield deep wisdom and insight, for him, he wanted to immerse himself, experience, taste even Grok! what these people and cultures had to offer and after 20 years he feels that he was only scratching the surface, a journey that no doubt will consume the rest of his life in travel, study, and practice but as one elder said to him, once you open the door you can never go back.

Christos Dorje Walker
Caption: Christos Dorje Walker

So he continues to spend long stints in the east each year studying different traditions of meditation and spirituality mostly in India and Bhutan. He has been fortunate to travel to remote area’s and have made meaningful connections with Guru’s, Masters, Rinpoche’s, Yogis, Gomchens, Lama, and even simple everyday people in these parts of the world that has nourished him and helped crack open some of this western narcissism, arrogance, and pride. He seems to hold so dearly.

But one thing that has transpired through these travels, retreats, and austerities. The fatigue, sickness, depression, and inner struggle have reduced substantially. His life these days alternates between working as a therapist listening to others struggles and pain or talking to groups about his experiences and learnings, balanced with traveling to isolated regions of the Himalayas or to south India to deepen some of what he continues to learn from these great beings who hold so many keys to some of mans greatest mysteries.

His Ex-Wife’s Net Worth

On the other hand, his ex-wife Golshifteh Farahani has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She earned this impressive amount through her successful career as an actress, musician, and singer.
Christos Dorje Walker's ex-wife, Golshifteh Farahani on car
Caption: Christos Dorje Walker’s ex-wife, Golshifteh Farahani on car
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Who is Christos Dorje Walker Wife?

Christos Dorje Walker is possibly single at the moment. Previously, he married Golshifteh Farahani. His ex-wife, Golshifteh is an Iranian actress and singer. She has appeared in more than 35 movies and many of which have received international recognition. However, they married in 2015.

Christos Dorje Walker
Caption: Christos Dorje Walker and his ex-wife

They could not handle their relationship and ended their marriage in the year 2017 through a divorce. Besides this, his wife, Golshifteh also dated Louis Garrel 2012 – 2014 and Matthew Silver in 2015.