Christien Metoyer Biography, Net Worth 2022, Weight, Height & Career

Christien Metoyer is an American reality television star. Her appearances on the sixth season of the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives LA catapulted her to stardom.

Biography of Christien Metoyer

This reality television star’s precise birthdate has yet to be revealed. In addition, there are few facts about her educational history or early life. Christien, on the other hand, grew up in Los Angeles, where she was raised by her mother Cynthia Metoyer and father Donald Metoyer, along with two sisters named Aja and Melissa and a brother named Derek.

Christien rose to stardom after appearing on the reality show Basket Wives LA, which featured her sisters in a lot of drama. Furthermore, the show exposed Christien’s lifestyle, focusing on how she raised her kids. She also made a substantial sum of money from the front.

She is also not active on any other social media sites than Instagram. As of September 2021, she has over 10,000 followers on Instagram under the username @crissmarie.

What is the Net Worth of Christien Metoyer?

Christien starred in the reality series Basket Wives, which followed the lives of professional basketball players’ wives. She has also made a substantial amount of money from the show, which has helped her fortune. Christien’s net worth is estimated to be at $1 million as of 2021.

For the first season, she was paid $5k per episode, according to her salary. She was paid a total of $45k for the entire season. Similarly, for the second season, she was paid a staggering $130,000 for the entire season.

She was paid $15k per episode in seasons three and four, and $20k in salary five.

What is the Relationship of Christien Metoyer?

Christien Metoyer is a married woman who enjoys her life. Joe Crawford, her lifelong boyfriend, and she tied the marriage. Joe is a former basketball player, as you may know.

The couple started dating when they were young and have been together ever since. Furthermore, the pair cherishes each other in ways that go beyond simply describing their relationship. The couple has a beautiful daughter together.

Braylon Jannice Crawford is her name. Not to mention the fact that they spend a lot of time with her. Furthermore, this pair is content to sit on the fence and not cross their lines. They are completely enamored with each other.

And it’s all so lovely to see this couple sharing such profound closeness, passion, pleasure, and love.