Who is Ben Robson Wife? Height, Net Worth 2021, Girlfriend, Bio

Who wouldn’t be envious of Ben Robson? The man is attractive, successful, and a fantastic actor. He is well-known for his role as Kalf in the British television series “Vikings.” Robson is also a model. He is currently working on the TV series “Animal Kingdom” for the TV network TNT.

Early Life of Ben Robson

On February 4, 1984, Ben was born in the lovely city of Newcastle, England. As a result, he is 35 years old and was born under the sign of Aquarius. He was born to British parents and grew up with two siblings named James (brother) and Stephan (Sister). Furthermore, the actor is of British nationality and English ethnicity.

As a child, he attended Newcastle’s Newlands Preparatory School before transferring to Buckingham’s Stowe School. Later, the actor attended the University of West England to further his education. He earned an Honors Degree in Business.

Ben is also a fan of tattoos. On his right arm, he has a large skull tattoo with additional designs. He also has a tattoo on his left arm. His left arm features a Red Indian with a headdress and floral designs that wrap around his forearm.

How much is Ben Robson Net Worth?

Robson’s net worth is estimated to be $700 thousand as of 2019. His acting career accounts for the vast majority of his net worth. Robson has amassed a sizable social media following. He has a verified Instagram account with over 143k followers and a Twitter account with 30.7k followers. The star actor’s popularity is growing by the day, and it appears that no one can bring him down at this point.

The actor is paid thousands of dollars for his roles in TV shows and movies. He is also a model and an internet sensation. Robson enjoys riding his bikes and has revealed that he owns ten of them.

Who is Ben Robson Wife?

The actor from Vikings is single. So he doesn’t have a wife. Furthermore, he is extremely private about his personal life and relationships. The actor hasn’t revealed anything about his previous girlfriends or relationships.

Despite this, he has been linked to Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas. An anonymous source claimed to be the source of this rumor. According to them, Robson is close to Bonas, and the couple even attended BAFTA-annual LA’s tea party. They went on to say that the couple was getting quite cozy with each other at the function. In 2017, he was rumored to be dating Charlotte McKinney. The couple was spotted leaving a café with Baywatch star Charlotte McKinney. However, they were never confronted about their related terms.

Ben Robson in the Vikings

Robson captured the hearts of fans with his role in the British history TV show “Vikings.” In the show, he plays Kalf, Earl of Hedeby. Latherga, the ex-wife of Viking Ragnar, appoints Karl to oversee the situation. However, Karl takes advantage of this and earns the title of Earl while she is away. Lathegra is finally able to kill Karl and reclaim her title after a lot of planning.

Robson’s height of 6 feet 3 inches, long wavy brown hair, and dark brown eyes make him an ideal choice for the role of Kalf in “Vikings.”