Arbello Barroso Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Height & Career

Arbello Barroso is an ex-husband of Luciana Barroso. Argentine entrepreneur, interior designer, and former air hostess Luciana Barroso

Early Life of Arbello Barroso

Arbello Barroso was born in 1970 in Florida. He is 50 years old and a Virgo. His nationality is American and he believes in Christ.

Arbello’s parents’ names and other details are unknown. But he has a sister, Ginette Blitzer. Aside from that, his cousins, maternal family members, and additional paternal family members are unknown at this moment. Arbello has always kept his early life and family facts private. He rarely mentions his family history in public. In April 2020, Barroso shared a rare photo of his parents from his graduation day on Facebook.

Arbello graduated from Pace High School in Pace, Florida in 1989. He then went to the University of Miami and Grind University for an MBA in CBD.

Career of Arbello Barroso

Arbello Barroso used to play football. An injury forced him out of the game at the age of 23. Following the injury, he began taking narcotics for pain. Arbello’s opiates addiction worsened. As a result, Barroso was detained many times. He even got five years probation, which he finished in 2016.

Arbello Barroso and Laura Baldwin Fuentes, a pharmacist, founded a CBD business. They launched “Green Roads” in 2013. Since then, the company has developed CBD oils, beverages, gummies, and creams. It has also opened 7K stores and 1K doctors’ offices nationwide. Green Roads, meanwhile, employs around 100 people in Deerfield Beach. The company’s exponential growth has also benefited its finances. In 2018, it made almost $45 million.

More on Career

Moreover, the most essential CBD health and wellness brand has won numerous awards. It’s also one of the best privately held CBD companies in the US. A co-host and owner of Cannabis Life Radio, Arbello He chairs the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board.

Moreover, Arbello Barroso worked in real estate for many years before launching Green Roads. From February 1996 to October 2004, he was a broker for American R.E Crop. In March 2003, he joined Vesta Real Estate & Home Loans in Florida. Until June 2010, Arbello was a corporation component. Amid his financial woes, Barroso reportedly gave up his real estate career. Then he failed at a pain-management clinic.

Relationship of Arbello Barroso

Arbello Barroso’s wife is Luciana Bozán. Their wedding date is unknown. So they exchanged vows in a secret ceremony. Likewise, only close family and friends were invited to their wedding.

An American businessman’s ex-husband and ex-wife had a daughter. They named their daughter Alexia Barroso. Their daughter was born in 1999. But, as with all good things, their marriage ended. There’s more down there.

Their divorce was finalized in 2004. Thankfully, Barroso and his ex-wife remain close even after their divorce. Similarly, we are all puzzled by the reason for the separation.

Net Worth of Arbello Barroso

Arbello Barroso is a millionaire businessman. A similar net worth is his ex-husband, Matt Damon.

Arbello made a fortune through his CBD business. He also recently signed with The Valens Company. The contract also paid him $40 million. Similarly, as co-founder of Green Roads, his annual salary is estimated at $1 million.

He keeps his assets secret from the press. The businessman also lives a quiet life. He, on the other hand, adores Instagramming.