Anthony Fantano Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Weight & Career

Anthony Fantano is a well-known music critic, interviewer, YouTuber, and internet celebrity from the United States. He also became famous because of his YouTube channel, The Needle Drop, which has over 2.33 million subscribers as of 2021. He discusses and critiques a wide range of musical genres on YouTube.

Early Life of Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano was born in Connecticut, New England, on October 28, 1985. He is 35 years old and belongs to the Scorpio zodiac sign. He is a nationality of the United States of America.

Until date, there has been no information about his parents’ names or whereabouts. Similarly, no information on his other family members, such as his siblings, cousins, or other relatives, is currently available. He appears to prefer to keep his personal and family life out of the spotlight and out of the social world.

That could explain why we have so little knowledge about his relatives. Furthermore, his parents divorced while he was a child. He was also fairly overweight as a teenager, for which he was frequently teased.

Later on, he began to eat a rigorous vegan diet and exercise. He, too, was a fan of “The Simpsons,” and as a child, he aspired to be a cartoonist. He attended Southern Connecticut State University for his educational background and qualifications.

There, he majored in political science, broadcast journalism, and journalism. He even worked for the SCSU radio station as a music director.

What is the Estimated Net Worth of Anthony Fantano?

Anthony must have earned a decent living as a YouTuber and Vlogger. So, how much does it cost? As of 2021, Anthony Fantano’s net worth is estimated to be at $500,000.

Not to mention, he makes the majority of his money as a YouTuber. His YouTube channel, The Needle Drop, currently has over 2.33 million subscribers and 691.29 million views. He critiques music videos on this channel.

He gets between $22.8K and $364.5K each year through this channel. He also has a YouTube channel called Fantano, which has over 1.25 million subscribers. According to Social Blade, he earns between $20.2K and $323.8K per year from this account.

He reportedly started a new YouTube channel, TNDStreams, which now has 34K subscribers. This channel will quickly gain millions of subscribers, and he will be able to monetize it. So, with all of his riches and fortune, he and his wife must be living comfortably.

What is the Relationship of Anthony Fantano?

Anthony, a 35-year-old YouTuber, is currently married. Dominique Boxley, his long-time wife, is his long-term partner. His spouse, on the other hand, is an actress and writer who frequently appears in “The Needle Drop” videos. Unfortunately, the couple has kept their wedding date and ceremony a well guarded secret.

As a result, it appears that their wedding was a private affair attended by just their closest friends and families. The information regarding the couple’s initial meeting, on the other hand, is readily available to the public. In reality, the twosome met for the first time online in 2008.

As of 2021, they are both happily married with no rumors or controversies surrounding their love lives. Anthony and Dominique are currently residing in Middletown, Connecticut.

Career of Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano began his career as a music director for the collegiate radio station at Southern Connecticut State University. He then learned about various musical styles. Then, in the early 2000s, he was encouraged to write about music by a buddy.

Instead of writing reviews, he began by casually blogging about his musical experiences on the internet. He was also working at his high school pizza business to pay off his student loan during this time. He also got a podcast show at WNPR called “The Needle Drop” with the help of a professor.

Then, in 2007, he launched a website with the same name, which featured text evaluations of songs and albums. In 2007, he started his first YouTube channel, ‘thatistheplan.’ He did not begin experimenting with video evaluations for music until 2009.

Then, in 2010, his review of Flying Lotus’ “Cosmogramma” started appearing on YouTube’s “Featured Videos” area for similar videos. Then, in early 2011, he was interviewed by SXSW and was featured in a Guardian article. In 2012, he received backlash after being forced to write an article for Connecticut Public Radio to accompany an editor-created playlist titled “50 Failed First Impressions.”

And it was because of this occurrence that he decided to pursue a solo career as a music critic.