Angie Cuturic Biography, Net Worth 2022, Age, Weight, Height & Career

Angie Cuturic was best known for being the ex-girlfriend of Ryan Dunn, the late American stunt performer, television personality, and actor.

Early Life of Angie Cuturic

Angie Cuturic was born in the United States in the year 1970, although her exact date of birth is unknown because she is a quiet person who avoids disclosing personal information. There is no information on her family, including her parents and siblings, because she values their privacy and does not want the paparazzi to interfere with her personal affairs.

Angie is of mixed ethnicity and claims the American nationality. She is a devout Christian who, due to her unknown birth date, belongs to an unknown Zodiac sign.

What is the Net Worth of Angie Cuturic?

A stunning actress Angie, like Paulina Gretzky, has a net worth of roughly $6 million. She’s only recently been aware of the public’s perception of her connection with Ryan. She makes all of her money from acting in films such as “Haggard” and “Minghags,” but she is unable to pursue a career in the film industry after this.

Angie was formerly obsessed with her career, but after her ex-boyfriend, she did not appear in any films. Furthermore, her salary is still being reviewed, but based on the typical salary, the American actress earns roughly $40,860. But, as we all know, she doesn’t get much work, so her salary is modest when compared to the average.

What is the Relationship of Angie Cuturic?

Ryan Matthew Dunn, also known as Ryan Dunn, was the actress’s boyfriend and they were in an emotional relationship. There is also no information about how and when they met for the first time, or how they fell in love with each other. The first time the folks saw them was in 2002, according to the witnesses.

Many Ryan fans are interested in learning more about Angie Cuturic’s life. Throughout their relationship, the couple has shown a tremendous deal of affection for one another. People love to see them together all the time, but in 2011, they decided to end their relationship for some reason.

However, there are whispers that they may be linked shortly. Unfortunately, because of Ryan’s death, the couple’s dream of getting married did not come true. People regard her as inferior after her ex-boyfriend died. She returned to a normal life after that incident and hasn’t been seen in the media since.

Career of Angie Cuturic

Haggard: The Movie is a 2003 independent comedy film based on the story of reality TV star Ryan Dunn’s fiancée possibly betraying him. Bam Margera was the one who funded, filmed, and produced the film. Viva La Bam was also attended by Cuturic.

They starred in Haggard: The Movie in 2003. Cuturic also starred as Libby in the 2009 film Minghags, directed by Bam Margera. Fans of “Jackass” sympathized with Ryan Dunn’s long-term companion, Angie Cuturic, after his death.