Angela Lansbury Biography, Net Worth 2022, Salary, Age, Weight & Career

Angela Lansbury is the youngest actress to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Early Life of Angela Lansbury

Angela Brigid Lansbury is Angela Lansbury’s full name. On October 16, 1925, she was born to parents Moyna Macgill and Edgar Lansbury. She was born in Regent’s Park, a London neighborhood in the heart of the city. Her mother worked as an actress, while her father worked as a lumber merchant before becoming a politician.

When she was nine years old, her father died of stomach cancer. She attended South Hampstead High School from 1934 until 1939. She enrolled in an acting school in Kensington, West London, after developing an interest in the craft.

In 1940, she and her mother fled to the United States to escape the Blitz. She received a scholarship to the Feagin School of Drama and Radio in the United States and graduated in 1942.

What is the Net Worth of Angela Lansbury?

Since 1943, this actress has worked in the profession. She’s a fantastic vocalist and songwriter as well. Angela Lansbury’s net worth is projected to be US$ 80 million as of September 2020.

What is the Relationship of Angela Lansbury?

In 1945, Angela Lansbury married Richard Cromwell, but the couple divorced the following year. Cromwell’s homosexuality caused the divorce.

In 1949, she married Peter Shaw. After being married and living together for over five decades, Peter died in 2003. Anthony and Deirdre, their two children, were born to them. Anthony is now a television director, while Deirdre runs a restaurant.

The career of Angela Lansbury

Angela Lansbury started working at Samovar Club when she was 16 years old. She pretended to be 19 years old while singing Nol Cowel songs. She met John van Druten at a party her mother held.

He wrote the screenplay for the film “Gaslight.” In 1944, she starred in the film “Gaslight,” in which she played Nancy Oliver. She was able to impress fans and reviewers alike with her debut role, earning her an Academy Award nomination.

She then signed a seven-year contract with MGM. In the same year, she starred alongside Elizabeth Taylor in the film “National Velvet.

In 1945, she starred in “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” a cinematic adaptation of the literature. Despite the fact that it did not do well, she was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

Angela Lansbury appeared in a number of MGM films. She was frequently cast in negative roles, and the majority of the characters she played were older than she was. She left MGM after a few years because she was dissatisfied with her career. She performed in films such as “The Harvey Girls,” “The Three Musketeers,” and “State of the Union” during her stint with MGM.

She returned to working in theatre shows after leaving MGM. She portrayed Marcel Cat in the 1957 film “Hotel Paradiso.” It was her first time on Broadway. She received significant appreciation for this performance. She appeared in the 1960 production “A Taste of Honey.”

She starred in the 1960 film “The Dark at the Top of the Stairs.” She got a role in the film “All-Far Down” two years later.

She made her cinematic debut in 1962 with “The Manchurian Candidate.” She was nominated for an Academy Award for this performance. This was her third time being nominated.