Ana Leza Biography, Net Worth 2022, Height, Weight & Career

Ana Leza, one of the well-known celebrity wives, is the ex-girlfriend of Spanish actor Antonio Banderas. Behind every successful man, there is a woman involved. Consequently, Banderas has credited Ana for his success in Hollywood.

What si the nationality of Ana Leza?

Ana Leza was born in the American suburbs. Her mother, Conchita Leza Nunez, is an actress, therefore she has been exposed to the film industry since she was an age. However, the identity concerning her father is still a mystery.

Leza is a well-known actress who has appeared in films such as Foul Play, Outrage, and Hospital Central. The star’s spouse did not reveal her educational background. She was also interested in movies and performances from a young age.

As a result, she only appeared in a few film productions.

What is the Net Worth of Ana Leza?

Ana Leza, a well-known movie star, has established a successful career and is well-known. She has a current net worth of $100,000 USD. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she starred in hit plays such as Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and had a cameo in Philadelphia.

She also co-starred alongside her ex-boyfriend in the film In Love and Shadows. With her salary, she buys a small house in Los Angeles and expensive cars. Antonio, who has a net worth of $50 million dollars, compensated him as part of her divorce settlement.

In addition, they split a 3.4 million euro house in Spain, which was paid for with half of the profits from Banderas’ flicks. Her current husband owns properties in Madrid, Abu Dhabi, and Los Angeles, adding to the Leza family’s fortune. Learn about Elisha Henig’s career and net worth.

What is the Relationship of Ana Leza?

In 1986, the renowned couple met and fell in love, albeit immodestly. After courting for six months, the pair exchanged wedding vows on the 27th of July, 1987. Originally, Leza was hired to interpret texts for the Spanish actor, who is well known for his role in Los Reyes del Mambo.

Furthermore, she provided motivation, which Antonio is still glad for. However, following the cliches of the Hollywood marriage, they got separated in 1996 due to their busy schedule. After splitting up with the Oscar winner, Ana and the actor went their own ways.

As a result, Banderas began dating Melanie Griffith, whom he married the following year. Ana, on the other hand, retired from performing and found a new partner in Dharma Villareal. Later on, they married the knot in 2000 in beautiful Santa Barbara.

Villareal worked for Xerox as a filmmaker and editor. Clara and Sofia, the couple’s two beautiful children, were born to the couple.

What is the Body Dimensions of Ana Leza?

When it comes to the former actress’s physical appearance, she currently stands at 5 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs roughly 63 kg. The stunning artist is from a White Caucasian family and is an American citizen. Ana was also born with beautiful brown hair and brown eyes.

Career of Ana Leza

Ana Leza was raised by an actress mother, so she knows a thing or two about acting. She made her acting debut in the TV series Teresa de Jess in 1984. In the same year, she starred in the miniseries Fragmentos de interior.

Ana Leza appeared in several films with Antonio Banderas throughout their time together, including Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988), De amor y Sombra (1993), and Philadelphia (1993). Ana Leza’s most recent film appearance was in 1994’s Of Love and Shadows. After her career with Banderas, she appeared to have given up acting.