Ainsley Rodriguez Biography, Net Worth 2020, Salary, Height & Career

Ainsley Rodriguez is a well-known fitness model, personal trainer, and bikini competitor from the United States. Her excellent figure and training videos on Instagram have made her renowned.

Early life of Ainsley Rodriguez

Ainsley Rodriguez was born in the United States on April 11, 1991. Ainsley has a Latinx ancestry. She looks to be guarded when it comes to her family’s past, thus she hasn’t spoken about her parents until now.

Ainsley has always loved dancing and gymnastics since she was a child. She hasn’t revealed anything about her childhood until now. She appears to be highly focused on furthering her career.

Florida International University was her alma mater. Her high school education, on the other hand, has yet to be discovered.

What is theNet Worth of Ainsley Rodriguez?

She is not just a fitness model, but also an Instagram sensation and a personal trainer. So, how much money does she make from her several jobs? As a fitness model, Ainsley makes roughly $48,000 per year. She also makes money from sponsorship deals and adverts she shares on Instagram.

She has over 1.9 million followers as of 2021, which is more than Lala Baptiste (1 million) but fewer than Nicole Borda (1.5 million) (2.6 Million). She also makes roughly $45,000 per year as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. She also has a YouTube channel, which has 16.7 thousand subscribers.

Her yearly earnings are believed to be over $130,000. As of 2021, Ainsley’s net worth is estimated to be at $250,000. With her respectable wages and money, she must undoubtedly be leading a decent and healthy lifestyle.

What is the Relationship of Ainsley Rodriguez?

Jarred John, a 29-year-old fitness freak, is in a relationship with Ainsley. John, on the other hand, is an entrepreneur who owns companies such as Damn Good Hospitality and Evlution Nutrition. However, the couple has kept their connection private from the public eye.

As a result, there is no information about when and how the two of them began dating. John posted his first photo of Ainsley and him on Instagram on March 19, 2020, according to their account. It’s likely that the two began dating around that time.

In fact, John is a fitness fanatic, and the lovey-dovey couple may have met through fitness-related firms. For the time being, the couple appears to be in a good relationship.

On their individual Instagram accounts, they can be seen embracing and kissing each other. They also own two dogs, Bear Jaws John (Bulldog) and a chihuahua.