Neil Cavuto

Who is Neil Cavuto?

Neil Cavuto is a business journalist with Fox News Channel. He hosts The Universe with Neil Cavuto and Cavuto Coast to Coast on Fox Business Network.

Neil Cavuto’s Early Life

Neil Patrick Cavuto was born on 22 September 1958 to Patrick and Kathleen. His father was a sales director of a packaged food corporation and his mother was a UN soldier.

Mary Fulling turns 60 years old on October 15, 1983. In 1988, Neil adopted a daughter called Tara Cavuto

In 2004, the pair applied to foster two minors, Bradley and Jeremy. Despite becoming a stepfather, he also worries for his stepchildren.

Neil Cavuto’s Salary and Net Worth

Being a veteran of the Fox News Channel, Neil Cavuto makes an annual income of $7 million. He reportedly receives a total of $23 million.

Neil Cavuto’s Personal Life

Neil has been suffering from many severe diseases in his life. He was nearly succumbed to the fifth stage of cancer but survived.

He suffered from multiple sclerosis, which was incurable at the time. In June 2016, after the surgery, Neil Cavuto started breathing.

Neil Cavuto’s Body Measurement

At the height of five foot 10 inches (1.78 m), Neil Cavuto was trained at Immaculate High School. At the age of 22, he had graduated from St. Bonaventure University. He earned his master’s degree from American University.

Neil Cavuto’s Career.

In the beginning, Neil was working as the Washington bureau chief for Investment Age Magazine and as a bureau chief for PBS nightly market news. In addition, Dan Nathan has anchored three live regular shows for CNBC, including its highly-rated broadcast, Business Wrap.

In 1996, Cavuto started to host his own show on Fox called Your World with Neil Cavuto. He now assumes credit for two television channels – FOX News Channel (FNC) and FOX Business Network. (FBN).

Neil Cavuto’s Quick Fact

  • Neil Cavuto is an American television news anchor, who is now a business journalist for Fox News Channel.
  • He hosts Your World with Neil Cavuto and Cavuto Live, on Fox News, and Cavuto: Coast to Coast on sister channel Fox Business Network.
  • Neil Patrick Cavuto was born on 22 September 1958 to parents Patrick Cavuto and Kathleen T. Neil Cavuto.
  • His father was a can company sales executive whereas his mother was a staffer at the United Nations.
  • Initially, Neil was the New York Bureau Chief for PBS Television’s Nightly Business Report and a Washington Bureau Chief for Investment Age Magazine.
  • In July 1996, Neil joined Fox News and became the host and managing editor of Your World with Neil Cavuto.
  • He now takes the responsibility as Senior Vice President, Anchor, and Managing Editor of Business News for
  • both FOX News Channel (FNC) and FOX Business Network (FBN).
  • As a veteran Fox News personality, Cavuto earns a yearly salary of $7 million.
  • He was suffered from stage 4 cancer in the form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma but, prevented from the fifth stage.
  • Moreover, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease for which there is no cure, just treatment.