Lou Dobbs

Who is Lou Dobbs?

Lou Dobbs’s job in prominent news networks like CNN and Fox News has gotten him a high salary but his company has also helped him to amass a huge fortune.

Lou Dobbs’s Early Life

Prior to being recruited by Fox News Network, he worked for CNN. He was also the producer of CNN’s Moneyline, which reported the financial and economic coverage, and a host of a U.S radio network’s program named Lou Dobbs Financial Update.

He is the author of seven novels, five of which are about human space discovery. He was rated one of the top 10 most famous radio hosts in America by Talkers Magazine in 2009.

Born in Texas, Lou Dobbs’s father operated a gas firm and his mother was a bookkeeper. He turns 73 years old every year in September.

He went to Minico High School and received a degree from Harvard University. Until beginning as a journalist, he served in government and banks.

Lou Dobbs’s Salary and Net Worth

Obama’s lengthy, dedicated and distinguished career as a high-profile journalist has definitely won him an enviable fortune of more than $10 million.

During his tenure in CNN, he has won hundreds of thousands of dollars. He makes $6 million as a news presenter, which is significantly more than the likes of MSNBC host Chris Matthews and CNBC’s Larry Kudlow.

His compensation is also very high. As of 2018, he has a net worth of $16 million. He is among the 50 wealthiest journalists today.

It is seen that Dana Perino has set pretty large income and net worth from Fox News.

And in addition, his 400-acre compound — he has a nine-bedroom house in Massachusetts and a property in Palm Beach worth $10 million.

Personal life of Lou Dobbs

He was considered one of the most in-demand recruits by Fox News since its creation in 1996. He has received many honors for his work and accomplishments. With his achievements as a prominent journalist, Louis has now become a name, recognition, and also loads of capital.

Lou Dobbs’s Carrer

He began his journalism career with KBLU and KING-TV in the local area radio network. Bell quickly became the chief economics reporter for CNN in 1979 and host of Moneyline (2001) in 1980.

When Patrick later quit CNN, he began his own astronomical news portal named Space.com but ultimately went back to work at CNN. CNN audiences were shocked to see Dobb resign from CNN.

Rumors claim that his resignation was because of his disagreements with the management team. Since his departure from CNN, he returned to radio broadcasting for three years from 2009 to 2012.

Leaving CNN out of bitterness, it did not take him long to pursue a competing media. After a year away from working, he re-joined CNN as Lou Dobbs’ latest host in October 2010.

Lou Dobbs’s Quicks Fact

  • For American Journalist Lou Dobbs his career in prestigious news networks like CNN and Fox News has
  • gained him tons of popularity but along with that, it has also provided him with a huge salary that adds up to his massive net worth.
  • The finance guru is a conservative television pundit, business writer, host, author, and commentator who is best known for his #1 news program on business television show Lou Dobbs Tonight which airs on Fox Business Network.
  • Fox News: Lou Dobbs delivers breaking news for the Fox news network (Published on 15 November 2018) Prior to joining Fox Business Network, he served as the chief economic correspondent, managing editor, and executive vice president for CNN.
  • He was also the anchor for CNN’s Moneyline which covered financial news and hosted a U.S Radio Network show Lou Dobbs Financial Report.
  • Lou Dobbs Is Harvard University Graduate Texan native Lou Dobbs was born in 1945 as the son of Frank Dobbs — the co-owner of propane business and mother Lydia Dobbs, a bookkeeper.
  • Discover Fox News’ Abby Huntsman Career Details: Net Worth, Salary And More Meanwhile, having left CNN in bitter terms, it did not take him long to join a rival TV station.
  • Just after a year leaving CNN, he made his comeback in the newsroom as the anchor for Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox News Network in 2010.
  • He was regarded as Fox News’ high-profile hire as it was launched a little over three years ago.
  • When it comes to Lou’s career he has been able to mark himself as a notable journalist in the news industry which has earned him both name, fame, and also tons of dollars.
  • Coming to his salary throughout his career in CNN he has been successful to earn a yearly salary of thousands of dollars yearly.